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After a successful career as a security specialist travelling the world serving the British Armed Forces as a Royal Military Police Officer, I have mastered a skill set that can easily be transferred to different ventures. In my case, it has been the construction sector.


Two and half years ago, when I had ventured out on a house project for my family, I realised the residential construction sector was underserviced. We approached many construction contractors for our first home; however, we were disappointed with every contractor with the level of service. As a result of this, we had lost hope and felt stressed about our first house project. The lack of service and quality resulted in unnecessary costs that could have been avoided if a level of professionalism and quality service existed. It was at this point I decided to utilise my specialist skills to set up H Construction Group. 


The driving force and the pillars of HCG can be traced back to my family, who have supported this transition. Something that had started as a DIY project has now turned into a valuable business. At HCG, we measure quantitative and qualitative measures as we understand that both measures present a different angle. Our company draws experience from qualified individuals, surveyors, architects and key stakeholders such as regulators. At HCG, we pride ourselves on executing each task right the first time.


The career change has been a rollercoaster ride, with the coronavirus pandemic delaying our expansion. At HCG, we are brimming with energy and perseverance and always rise, even to the most complex projects. 


Our HCG promise is simple if you need advice about a construction project or simply just want to check on the advice you have received. We’re here to help as we understand your position. Please do reach out for a friendly consultation from our construction specialists.

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