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Our Services

Initial Introduction

Our first meeting occurs in the comfort of your home. Our project managers are assigned to your project. Once they are on-site, they'll share some essential practices of our company, that need to be agreed upon before proceeding and then it's over to you. At HCG, we are all great listeners, and this means that we want you to take charge and show us around your property and explain your vision. 

What to expect on our visit

During our visit expect our project managers to construct a brief specification and technical drawings using state of the art equipment. Our project managers can sometimes, depending on the complexity of the project advise on estimated costs of the project.  We always recommend all our clients to consider various factors before formally selecting a company for their construction needs.


Once our project managers have gathered sufficient data, a team is formed as per the specification. All our highly skilled engineers are consulted on the required labour, material and regulations. We then liaise with the finance team to prepare a proposal. The company will approve the project, ensuring it meets all the necessary policies and regulations. The request is sent for your final review. Once the green light is received from your end, we prepare to enter the Design & Build phase. 


Any successful construction project starts with the design. Our formal client introduction has solely been designed to gather an in-depth understanding of your requirements. Our design specialists model your exact requirements using state of the art technical programmes. This enables us to construct a definite picture of your needs and allows you to visualise how the space will look.

Work in Progress

Our experienced and highly skilled professionals will bring your vision into reality. At HCG, our project managers are all-rounders; they have a diverse understanding of all aspects of the build phase. Our core team brings together the industry's most experienced engineers and the country's youngest and brightest talent to help deliver your vision. Our project managers are on hand from concept to conclusion.


At HCG, we work with the industry's leading trade suppliers for fixtures and fittings and have some great connections that we can utilise, and we can negotiate good purchase terms, should you require assistance with this aspect.

Quality Assessments

At HCG quality underpins our company, every angle of our operation is primarily viewed through the lens of quality. We believe that quality should never be compromised, using a fine-tooth comb we have streamlined our processes to ensure you, that we only deliver the highest quality of work. We understand the significance of quality both that meets and doesn't meet the eye. 

Residential Services

We will assist you in Planning, Designing, and Building for house renovations, refurbishments, extensions and loft conversions whether you want to unlock the extra space for personal use or want to increase the value of your asset. Our Residential specialists are happy to discuss all your requirements.

Service & Maintenance

At HCG, we have refined many processes, and we understand that not all projects are grand. We know the service and maintenance sector often requires affordable solutions. Drawing from years of experience, we decided to utilise our youngest and brightest talent to deliver high-quality service at competitive rates with our highly skilled engineers available virtually to assist our service and maintenance team.

Our residential service includes; heating, plumbing, electrics, carpentry, roofing, building works and appliance installation.

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